Yttersta has two separate operations: the racing stable and a training facility for young horses.

The racing stables have 56 stalls divided between three stable blocks, including adjacent outdoor boxes.

The young horses under training are kept in loose housing, with room for 20 horses in each unit. They remain in the young horse facility from the time they arrive as yearlings for breaking-in until sometime in August as two-year-olds, when it is time for them to transfer to the racing stables.

In addition to its splendid environment, Yttersta is well-equipped in terms of training tracks and paddocks. The facility is meticulously managed by our staff, ensuring that all horses stationed at Yttersta are given the best possible opportunities to perform at the highest level.

To contact Yttersta, please telephone trainer Pasi Aikio on or +46 (0)70 557 01 82 or racing stable administrator Per Larsson on +46 (0)70 413 02 62.


The following training fees are charged to horse owners for training at Yttersta:

  • Racing horses: The cost is SEK 420 per day + VAT for horses stabled in the racing stables at Yttersta.
  • Young horses: The cost is SEK 370 per day + VAT for yearlings stabled in loose housing at Yttersta.
  • Aside from the training fee, there is a commission of 15% of the horse’s earnings.
  • In addition, remuneration is also payable for veterinary fees, transports and racing expenses.